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i tell 2 1/2 year old ds not to do it, becasue he already has some teeth probs. but i have to tell him very delicatly , picking my moment and words , so i dont ust make him do it more. but i feel its good to educate them that they might be hurting themselves. teeth grinding wears your teeth down. but if its just going to make them do it more to say something, its probably best to say nothing and just distract somehow.

when i tell ds i say " that can hurt you" or " that can hurt your teeth honey, you shouldnt do it" he will do it a time or two more to see if it still bugs me, but i think he generally sees what i mean. amazingly! if he keeps it up i just look at him kind of worridly, like i am worried he is getting hurt but not worried enough to say anything . then i just ignore it. seems to work for me usually, he stops. for a 13 mos old, maybe say "teeth are for biting food" and offer a teething biscut? just an idea
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