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As a PP said, there is a huge difference between a just over year-old and and 20 month old in terms of their ability to fall asleep and also their needs to be with a breastfeeding mother for every nap.

The key, as you have seen from a few other posters, is that, although your child may have difficulty falling asleep without breastfeeding or having you with them when you are the one putting them to bed, it is very different when you are not there and a trusted person (parent, grandparent, new caring daycare worker) puts them to bed.

One of the interesting nap time dynamics for (good) daycares, is that, while there can be a transition for the first few days where a child may cry when it goes to sleep in a new place, the fact of having other children around doing the same thing all together, in a set routine, really helps the new children adapt quickly. You could never do that at home! ;) Also, having the child have a "sleep over" for nap time (like an afternoon visit) at grandparents or a close friend's house, is another way to help them get used to a new place for sleeping from the one they have always had.

I think that you don't need to worry a lot at 13 months, but if it were me, I would still start letting another person put your child to sleep here and there, starting in a few months or so - just once here and there, then maybe more than once in a week or a day over time, just to get them used to it. Cuddles is what the baby needs from the others when you are not there. It will also be valuable bonding time with those other people. Even an older sibling can do a great job at this if there is one. :)

Good luck - it is a tough, emotional time!
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