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13 month old ds REALLY not sleeping lately...

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ARGH!!! I was up all night last night. Really... ALL night. I had to take ds out onto the couch to let dh and dd get any sleep at all.

So yes, I think he's a little congested and having a hard time breathing, so yes, I also think he's teething, yes, I think he has gas sometimes that keeps him awake, yes, he's on the verge of walking (took 3 or 4 steps over the weekend several times)... oh, and did I mention that he has a little temper when things are out of sorts in his world so its hard to tell if he's in pain or angry.

BUT COME ON! I need some rest. If I didn't love the little guy so much I would've just laid him between dh and I and let him cry last night. I didn't.

The other night he woke up and I was awake so I watched to see what he would do. He rolled over onto all fours and started to climb onto dh. Dh rolled over to pick up ds and put him on his chest. When ds realized it was dh and not me he started to yell and reach for me. I took him and laid him back down to nurse him... but before he latched on he made sure to look backwards and wave to dh. I started laughing. He's soooo cute and such a joy in the day but I'd really like to conk him over the head with a bat at night.

ARGH!!! I am going to be one grouchy mama today and that makes me sad for my dd... who is 3.5. "why? why? why? why?"
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and he has just gotten his first molar, even though he is missing a few other teeth I thought he would have gotten before a molar! He is also just about ready to walk and does the nighttime crawl when he wakes up - every night at least a couple times each night. I wish I had some suggestions for you but I think it is a dev. thing, as a friend who has a daughter a bit older went through something similar to you too at this age or so.
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