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13 month old slapping me

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My youngest baby is 13.5 months old. She is the sweetest little thing and so snuggly. I know she isn't doing it to be cruel but for some reason she has decided to test me by slapping me in the face repeatedly. She is relentless - if I hold down one hand she will slap with the other. She doesn't laugh while she does it, she looks as if she's concentrating.
I have been holding her hands and telling her firmly "No!" and if she keeps doing it I put her down and ignore her for a minute. She cries and pulls at me and then when I pick her back up she starts doing it again. We do not hit in our house at all so she has not seen this from someone else. Maybe she likes the reaction she gets from me, I don't know. How do I stop her from doing this because it is starting to upset me.
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hold her hand gently and rub wherever she is hitting you and say "gentle"....

it may not stop her but you'll teach her it's an alternative and that it's not OK to hit....

as for your getting frustrated, I can completely understand but maybe a change in perspective might be helpful?

she is obviously doing it to learn something......patience and a calm reaction might be what she needs.....
I get that a lot. I think its a learning thing.

I say "be gentle with mama" and demonstate a gentle touch (using DC's hands).

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I say "be gentle with mama" and demonstate a gentle touch (using DC's hands).
I do that, she doesn't slap me anymore, now she just puts her hand in my cheek and can stay like that for minutes lol
It does work

She likes to pull DH's lips and ears(specially DH's ear ring lol) how do I stop that(it kinda has to do with the thread and iI don't want to make another one lol)
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