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About a week ago, we had my nephew over for a week and a half since he was suspended from school for breaking a window on the school bus. While we had him, he alternated between being a decent loving kid and being a completely disrespectful little prat. DH and I have done our absolute best to be patient and kind with him but he pushed our limits to the breaking point, both times ended up with DH having to put him in a sleeper hold to get him to calm down long enough to actually listen.

The first was with DN literally slamming a door in DH's face. (yes, he was using the door as a weapon to try to harm DH) The 2nd was only a day or so later. He attempted to punch DH using a blanket to disguise his intent and than ran for the office where his grandmother was. DH tackled him and put him in a sleeper to get control of him so he'd at least make an effort to calm down.

We talked it over with DN's step-father later that day and apparently DN has already done the same to him at least 3x's. I know we're going to have DN over again at somepoint but I know the violence is not acceptable but I don't know of any GD way to handle it, esp. if he decides to aim that violence at my daughter. Me, I'd just punch him back but I know that isn't going to solve anything.

DN has ADHD and some sort of mood disorder. Apparently his mother is talking about having him here permanently. *twitch* I really really really really could not take the stress of that. DH is of the same mind. What can we do to help him when he's under our roof and if we're to take him under our roof, what can we do to make him realize that violence towards objects and people is NOT acceptable? As I said above, I'd just punch him back if he aimed his violence at my little girl but I know it won't solve much if anything at all.
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