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I am posting becuase I need suggestions on how to deal with dd's biting. She has been biting me and my husband. She is 14 months and has some teeth (all in front) and is actually leaving teeth marks on us for quite a while. My parents suggested smacking her mouth which needless to say is NOT an option. Right now I just redirect her energy or try to catch her before she bites since most of the time she does it to get my attention. I am usually doing research on the computer or washing dishes when she does it. I know she doesnt realize it hurts becuase she is laughing and thinks it's a game. Any suggestions on how to portray that biting is not OK in a nice, positive way?

I am so afraid of making her feel the way I felt growing up (no privacy, fearing getting spanked for misbehaviors, etc) and would really like some GD ways to deal. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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