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15 MO waking a lot a night HELP

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ok, i'm starting to feel like DS is a newborn again. he wakes anywhere between 4-6 times a night. he does this almost every night the past week or two. he always nurses and goes right back to sleep. i'm almost positive he's not sick or uncomfortable as 1 or 2 nights out of the week he will sleep good & only wake once or twice and during the day he's a happy camper. he has 8 teeth in (4 top, 4 bottom) & i read that they get their molars in next which can be painful, maybe more painful at night? he's also been nursing like crazy the past couple days which makes me think that too. any insights would be greatly appreciated!!
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my 16 mo has been doing the same thing lately. i've become the nighttime pacifier... again. she nurses and nurses till i know there's no more and when i try to de-latch she wakes up and cries. agh. it's been tough.
i'll be interested to see what other mamas say. sorry i'm no help. just a fellow sleep deprived sufferer.
my sympathies to you!!! i should've noted that i sure am lucky to be a SAHM so i can at least try to get a nap in during the day with DS!! i hope you are able to catch up at some point too!
My 16 mo is also waking a lot at night. I see her molars are peeking through. Perhaps teething is an issue for you, too?
My 16 month old has been the same way for a couple of months now - waking almost hourly for 4-5 nights, sleeping a little better for a few, and then back to the constant waking. She did get one molar during the first bad bout, and is cutting an eye tooth now, so I'm attributing it to that. i have heard a lot of mamas say that nightwaking was worst between 15-18 months. Hang in there!
wow, i never heard that. i thought it only got easier (as far as night waking)!! i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one at least.

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My 16 mo is also waking a lot at night. I see her molars are peeking through. Perhaps teething is an issue for you, too?
Exact,Exact situation here!
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My dd is almost 15 months old and is doing the exact same thing. It has been my experience with all four kids that 14-18 months is really bad for nightwaking. My dd has a newborn and it is true my dd wakes more and nurses more than a newborn. Her molars are definitely coming in. I feel for you. I hope we all start getting more sleep really soon.
wow, you ladies made me feel soooooo much better. i thought something was seriously wrong with ds. guess just as soon as you start getting a little more sleep mother nature says SIKE!!!!
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