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15 month old wakes almost every hour...HELP!

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I just registered tonight specifically to ask for your help. No one is sleeping at our house. Our daughter(15 mo's) has slept with us since birth and the only time she slept well was month#3. Two months ago we moved a full size bed into our room and that's where my daughter and I sleep. My husband is in the king size solo. He kept getting pushed off the bed. She wakes up about once an hour and wants to nurse. Fine, I'm so damned tired it's just easier to do it but I know that it just reinforces the behavior and postpones any possibility of her falling back to sleep on her own. I won't Ferber. But I need sleep to be a good mommy,she needs sleep to grow and my husband needs sleep to work. Any advice? Now I understand why sleep deprivation is an excellent form of torture. Thanks! Valier
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Just wanted to send you some sympathy- my DS was very like this. I can tell you that it WILL pass, but that's probably less than helpful.

Have you read the No-Cry Sleep Solution? Here's an Amazon link:
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