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17 mo dd screaming!!!!

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I think I am going to go crazy, honsetly I don't remember my other 3 doing this! DD has decided she is going to use a high pitched scream everytime she is unhappy or wants something. I know it is probably frustration from not being able to verbalize her wants but still! For instance yesterday we were at our (NEW) kindermusik class and she was running back and forth not really paying any attention. I know that a 17 MO is not really into focusing but when they would start to do something I knew she would love like play with instruments I would catch her and bring her back, this would cause a HUGE scream until she saw what I was showing her, then she would be fine. It was quite embarassing. Normally I am laid back but I am starting to feel like she should have a tiny bit of control over this. Any ideas on what to do? I try talking and telling her what is going on but nothing. HELP!!! (BTW signing has never really worked for us either)
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