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17 mo waking before getting enough sleep

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My dd is ALMOST on the list of the world's worst sleepers. *But she is awesome everywhere else*
Anyway, she converted to one nap a couple months ago and we were doing great. My always awake at 6am girl was getting up at 8:30
and actually getting to go to bed later too.

All of a sudden she is waking at 7 am no matter her bedtime. Today it was 6:15. The thing is I know she is not getting enough sleep because she didn't get to sleep until almost 9 (I started bedtime at 8:15) and she is waking obviously cranky and not being able to make it to her afternoon nap - thus reverting back to 2 naps a day.

What do you do when they wake up too early? I usually will try to get her back to sleep with no luck. Do you just have to let them up and know you will have to give them 2 naps or what?

Any other suggestions?

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I wish my DS woke up at 7am!
He wakes up between 5 and 6 am every day (not a problem, as I'm an early riser by nature too), but as daylight savings time comes to an end, I'm dreading the early mornings. He takes one nap, but it's usually in the morning. He's a strange one.

Anyway, DS is 25 months now. When he was your DC's age, he sometimes still took 2 naps a day. 10 hours of sleep a night is pretty average, with the 2-4 additional hours from naps. It all depends on how your DC naps. Also, aound 18 months some big changes happen in maybe your DC is just gearing up for a big milestone? I say just go with the flow.
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