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DD is my 2nd baby and what a blessing she has been. She is peaceful, easy and slept through the night since birth (over 7 hrs. most of the time!). She is also a very babyish toddler. She didn't really get mobile until after 12 mos and is still crawling.

Here's my problem. We are expecting #3 in a month and somewhere after she turned 1 her sleep habits went down the drain. At first, we knew it was teething. Then we started giving other excuses - gas, hunger, etc. Now I don't have a clue but she sometimes wakes 4 times in the night. She weaned herself months ago so nursing back to sleep is not going to work. She's also a thrasher. It's like she's trying to wake herself up. She thrashes and moans and if she gets awake she laughs and smiles. The waking problem is not a screaming, crying wakefulness - she's smiling.

I know that when kids get mobile and start noticing their surrounding that sleep habits suffer and I really don't have too much hope that there is anything I can do about this but I thought I'd ask. She doesn't sleep with us (but beside us) since she's a thrasher and makes her way to the edge of the bed with far too much ease. We also try to keep her in the dark if she wakes, pat, hold, and all of that good stuff. And now I've resorted to something that is completely awful - she has a love affair with her baby swing and so when I can't see straight and nothing else works, she swings herself back to sleep. I know, awful isn't it? However, in my defense, if I lay with her she will not go to sleep - she find ways to pat me and entertain herself to stay awake. I don't let my kids cry it out so the swing is not a punishment for her.

Anybody have advice or experience? My first never slept so there were no expectations and we didn't have one on the way when he was a toddler. I'm just getting really worried about when the baby comes.
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