Here are a few extra special ideas to spread the love!
While teeny tiny washcloths and layettes are sweet, the baby shower gifts that I found most memorable were those with a special touch.

Although I could not find much scholarly information on the subject, it seems that modern baby showers were "born" after the World War II era. Many common themes associated with this "rite of passage" into motherhood have been examined including female solidarity, increased necessity for external support from family and friends, and the passing and sharing of knowledge around mothering.

Traditionally a female gathering, I LOVE that baby showers are mixing it up to include men too!

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This celebration is undoubtedly a special moment for expecting mamas, who I believe should be honored right along with their little one. I especially enjoyed the efforts made to celebrate my own journey into motherhood during pregnancy. For this reason, I have started gifting unique baby shower presents for mothers too.

Here are some special ideas to help you spread the love (or to add to your own baby shower wish list):


1. Postpartum bath bombs and herbal soaks are a great gift, and also super easy to DIY with essential oils.

2. Gift certificate for prenatal/postnatal acupuncture or massage.

3. Book of herbal or natural remedies for babies and children.

4. Bag of loose-leaf red raspberry tea, a sweet (or funny) mama mug, and a clever stirring spoon.

5. Wooden mala beads for mom (or dad) to wear, and baby to teeth on.

6. Postpartum belly binding wrap (this is not traditionally done for aesthetic purposes, but for healing stretched abdominal muscles after pregnancy).

7. Prenatal yoga class package.

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8. Prenatal photography session (or photo session for baby's first photos).

9. Organic cotton nursing bra with organic cotton nursing pads.

10. A humorous or sweet pregnancy/motherhood t-shirt or tank.

11. A fruit tree to plant during the baby shower. It will grow right along with baby!

12. Contribution towards doula (even postpartum doulas) or placenta encapsulation services

13. Gift card to a favorite restaurant (or two) for quick meals after baby is born. A gift card for a meal delivery service or setting up a meal train among friends and family are good choices too!


14. Customized wooden name puzzle.

15. Personalized growth/height chart.

16. Baltic amber teething necklace.

17. A memorable outfit for Baby that will be passed down to the next generation. I am shamelessly stealing this idea from my own mother, who gifted my sister with one of the first outfits my sister had worn as a baby - she even has a photo in it. This gift should come with a box of tissues because it will definitely get your family members teary-eyed.

You can also make your baby shower gift extra special by including a little something for the partner of mama-to-be, or a "big brother" or "big sister" gift. It rocked my son's world when he received a wooden-bee building kit along with a baby shower gift for his sibling. This small gesture meant a whole lot to me!