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17 week loss in Fe. Now day 18 post onset of menses and no LH surge?

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I am fretting like crazy over here. I had a 17 week loss late February where I labored and birthed my son. My first period started 18 days ago and I have been monitoring with CBE and waiting for the LH and E3 rise and there has been no sign of it according to CBE. Is this normal?

Some factors to consider. My period stopped and started for a few days before it actually started full flow; about five days of stopping and starting, but that would still mean, if I backdated I would be on day 13, which I normally see at least the beginnings of a rise by now.

Also, my CBE ran out of battery juice and now thinks that morning is at noon, so I have to keep my urine in a cup for five hours or so, until I can test it. I keep it at room temp, as we are supposed to test at room temp. Should I refrigerate it and then let it warm up to room temp? Could this be an issue?

I also tested for pregnancy just to see and it's a big fat negative.

Help! Any ideas or thoughts?
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My first pp period was anovulatory, then short LP, then this one. But I carried to full term so I don't know if my fertility return will be the same as yours. To be honest your body's been through so much it doesn't know where it is and so may not be at a 'normal' place in a cycle just yet. I don't know if anything could be classes as 'normal' when you're getting your cycle back on track. It's a pain but I think you just have to wait and see what your body does. The waiting is the hard bit.
I think it's normal for cycles to be crazy after birth.. so you could go another 18 days before you even ovulate.
Thank you both. I didn't know that there could be anovulation with menses, so I'm a little less nervous now, but of course, because I want a baby so much, and I am getting on in years (39) the thought of not ovulating is hard to take, even if "normal" under circumstances. I will try to be patient.

Thank you again, both of you, for answering.
Just keep charting, then at least you'll have more of an idea what's going on. After I gave birth I had a lot of spotting and started charting about 13 days before my first real period.. just because I was curious what my temps were doing, and anxious to start thinking about trying again.. so I NEEDED those eggs, ya know!? Good luck, I hope you ovulate soon.
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I didn't ovulate until cd 35 after my loss. I think it can take a while for your body to work everything out.
thanks ladies! i love this forum.
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