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19 month old wont give kisses!!

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That's how I feel everytime I see a toddler give his mommy a kiss or when i read about one of your kids giving kisses on this board!!

He actually knows how to give kisses. He did it for like 1 week when he was 15 months old and then he did it one time, going back and forth between me and dh while I was in the kitchen and dh in the living room. But thats it.

Most toddlers and even babies love to give kisses. He doesnt give too many hugs either. I and everyone else showers him with kisses but he will never reciprocate. Sometimes he will act like he is going to give me a kiss and then he pulls his face away! Its like he's a big ole tease.

I dont want to have this boy who is afraid to show affection and really, it just kinda hurts me as silly as it is. I wonder why he wont give me kisses. In fact, he will give his Elmo doll kisses, but not real people. What does this mean? This is also a little boy who didnt call me Mama until he was like 17 months old. He would say everyone else's name, but not me. Of course, that's all he says now.....sigh. We ( dh and I ) kiss all the time in front of him, and point it out to him too - "Parker, look, Mommy loves Daddy, I will kiss him. Now, Mommy loves Parker and I will kiss Parker" He dodges them everytime, although I plant one on him anyway!!
Any thoughts? I know this is stupid, but its bugging me.
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My DD (20 months) will kiss me sometimes when she's about to nurse and throw in an "I love you" sometimes, too. But, often when I want to kiss her, she tells me "No besos" (no kisses). It has to be on her terms, in other words.

Have you ever tried just not focusing on the kissing? I think children know when we're trying to get them to do something, and it's usually more fun for them to not do it. For example, I rarely say "YUUUUM" to my daughter to get her to eat-- I always feel it draws attention to the not eating versus just eating by instinct. I say give it time.
My son didn't start doing this until this month (22 months). I didn't think much of it. We kiss him plenty and I kind of just assumed it would be something he'd come up with on his own when he felt like it (although he has for a long time "presented" himself to be kissed, by turning his cheek or forehead)
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