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19 wk ultrasound today-UPDATED

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I am having my 19 week ultrasound today at 3:30 central time. Check back later to see how it goes and what we are having (if the babe wants us to know)

UPDATE-everything went great at the ultrasound. It was great to see the baby moving around!

We also found out that the baby is a girl
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Congratulations! (I'm due Halloween, too, with a girl.)
Hooray! How exciting! I am still a few weeks away from my u/s- isn't it great to see that little body moving around? Makes it all the more real!
Oh, you lucky things
I wish someone would just tell me what this baby is. But hey, congratulations! (and I'm jealous of your girls. Does that make me a bad person??)
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Oh hooray Memory Maker!!! How exciting!!

I'm with you Flapjack. Three weeks til our ultrasound and I can hardly stand the suspense!
I'm so hoping for a girl too. My u/s isn't until July 8th. I don't know how I'm going to wait that long!
Congratulations! I'm wishing for another girl, but thinking boy.

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