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1st MW appointment today

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I had my first MW appointment today. We did a lot of talking and going over my medical history. Then she offered for me to hear the heart beat and AGAIN (just like two weeks ago) right when she stood next to me, the little one moved BEFORE she put the doppler on my tummy. That was weird but cool. Then she forewarned me it might take a few minutes to find the HB, but the second she put it on me we heard it and then I said that was enough. I don't think my sweet baby likes the doppler. No more from here on out unless I'm SUPER freaking out or it's an emergency.

When she palpitated my uterus it was tender and the baby was moving...which she could feel as well. She said my uteras was differently shaped either because I was on the thinner side OR it was just unsual, but she could feel parts, like the baby was right there. It didn't hurt when she palpitated the uteras but it was this normal? I should have just asked her then. I'm 14weeks tomorrow. She said the pregnancy should be fun because I'd be able to see and feel parts of the baby if today was an indication. It concerned me that she said my uterus was different and she could feel the parts of the baby so well, when usually she only feels a roundness to the uteras. Geez Louis...I can really get nuts with this. I asked her if maybe there wasn't enough fluid or something and she said it was way to early consider that. She didn't seem worried at all.

My uteras is a bit tender that normal or am I weird? I actually just called her and she said usually when you palpitate, it shouldn't affect the uterus like mine is feeling (had my appointment from 12:30-2:20). She said to put my feet up and put a warm pack on my tummy and take Calcium.

Anyone else w/ similiar experiences to ease my mind? Overall I REALLY like her and trust her. I go into the mainstream CNM's office for labs on Thursday.
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I don't think i would really worry.My uterus tends to grow to one side for awhile.Then as i get bigger it evens out.Apparently sometimes it just happens.If you are on the thin side it could make sense why you can feel the babe so well.It just doesn't sound like a bad thing.Also your uterus just might be irritable as far as being palpitated.I already get plenty of BH's.I would drink lots of fluid and rest.don't keep that warm pack on your belly too long!
Thanks so much Avani. I was really concerned yesterday because the discomfort didn't let up for awhile. But later in the evening it felt much better and today we're back to normal. I will say I think the babe didn't like it much as it was wiggeling last night quite a bit. I hope the wiggeling keeps up without having to poke at my belly
I'm 14 weeks today woohoo!
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I'm glad you're feeling better today...and yay!! you're starting the 2nd trimester.
My uterous TOTALLY hurts after every exam and also did last pregnancy. DD is perfect and I think the baby in there now is just fine... I've just got a really sensitive uterous. Mine is bigger than normal, though... so we're different in that regard. However, I don't think you really have anything to worry about from what you described. If you're worried about fluid, drink more water... and if you feel tired or achey, get some rest. Of course, if anything unusual occurs, get some help. Hope all goes well!
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