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1st Post and Planting Tree Q?

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I've never posted here, as I do not have a green thumb (I swear I have a black thumb and can kill anything!) DH and I set a mini-home on a sub-lot next to my parents home a couple years ago. It used to be part of my father's airstrip so is very VERY flat. The back of our house is north facing with no building/trees to block the fairly strong winds we get (we're surrounded by potato fields and on top of a hill). So DH and I would like to plant some trees to create a windbreak and also give us some privacy from the potato house next door.

What I was wondering is when is the best time of year to plant/transplant trees (I'm in Eastern Canada)? What kinds of trees would be best? We have access to lots of softwood forest on our property so can get some spuce seedlings from there (or cedar and maybe pine, not sure) and would like some fruit bearing trees closer to our house (thinking apple and cherry for sure).

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Typically fall is the best time to transplant/plant trees because that gives thier root system all winter to grow and adjust.
Can't tell you what is best since you are in a climate I've never had to deal with, but if you look around when you do your daily life you will get ideas from everyone else's yards.
fyi: If the tree is going to be planted in the old airstrip, I'd worry about the compaction of the soil.
Good luck!
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