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1st trimester kit

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My friend is trying for baby #2 right now, and I thought it would be fun to send her a little 1st trimester kit once I get her news. I didn't realize how knock-you-on-your-butt the first trimester was til I was in it! I was thinking so far (she's fairly mainstream):

Paper plates, cups, silverware
GC to out to eat somewhere
Preggo pops

Any other ideas?

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What about a book or two on pregnancy/babies for child #1? Or some energy snacks, like luna bars or trail mix? Or a collection of your favorite quick and easy meal recipes? I think the ideas you have so far or great!
-- maybe lemons (for morning sickness)?
-- decaf tea if she's a tea drinker?
-- lavender eye pillow? (ahh)
-- a nice journal if she's the type to keep a pregnancy journal in longhand? (I keep mine on the computer or else I'd never do it!)
-- maybe popsicle molds if it's summer time (to freeze juice or smoothies, yummm)
-- some kind of nice moisturizer for those random dry itchy spots (or a vain attempt to avoid stretch marks, hah!)

How funny that it's hard for me to remember the 1st trimester already! This is a really sweet idea.
Good idea! I like those. I looked all over for a pregnancy journal that I liked at first, and I finally found one but it's just plain. A pregnancy journal is a good idea, and she'd probly like the kind with the stuff about doctor appointments, etc, in them, lol, those were totally a turn off to me.

Snacks and tea, good idea also. I loved peppermint and peach tea in my first trimester! And I like the popsicle maker thing also, as she likely will be pg in the summer.

Okay, here's what I'm thinking now~~

Pregnancy journal
Paper plates, cups, silverware, etc
GC to Dariy Queen that they have right down the road
Burt's bees lotion and maybe bubble bath
A bar of soap (I make them
A 'big sister' book for her little one
Luna bars
Popsicle molds
Maybe a nice tea mug

Good deal
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Originally Posted by myhoneyswife
GC to Dariy Queen that they have right down the road
That right there makes you the BEST FRIEND EVER.

The Woman Who Has Not Had Less Than Four Pints Of FroYo/Sherbet In Her Freezer At All Times Since Becoming Pregnant
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