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1yo gagging herself?

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Heyla mamas! I need some advice...

My almost one year old dd has just discovered that if she sticks a finger (or two, or three) down her throat, she'll gag. Now I know that she's only doing it because it's an interesting physical sensation and she gets a reaction from dh and I when she does it, but I DO NOT want this to become a regular activity for her!

Should we just ignore it? Have other little ones done this too and outgrown the behavior? When she was smaller she'd "pretend cough" and she outgrew that, but she's been gagging herself for about a week now and isn't slowing down. We try distracting her, holding her hands, getting her to point to her toes or her belly button or something that will keep her hands busy, but we're running out of ideas.

Thanks mamas!
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I would just ignore it. It shouldn't last too long.
Just one of those things that is new and fun for a while, as long as it doesn't get too much reaction IME.
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