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2 1/2 year old with concussion.

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my little guy fell off of a retaining wall on our walk today. He became pale and wimpery(which is sooooo rare for him, he just brushes things off usually) He kept falling asleep and wimpering, looking terrible. I called the nurses line, and I couldnt wake him up at that moment... She was saying that she was calling 911 for an ambulance. I happened to wake him up right there and just told her that I was running to the doctors office( literally, because I dont drive)

He has a concussion
... I feel horrible. He seemed to perk up right away on the way home... begging to walk. I let him out of the stroller on our front lawn and he bailed again.... hes really dizzy. So now I need to keep him quiet and still (somehow!!!! Hes two!!
: )
I cant believe that I have gotten through the last 5 years with two boys without a good bump on the noggin. How on earth do you keep a young one quiet?!!!! ( the doc said no music or t.v.... so I guess a library video is out)
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oh well... we made it through the day.
So the doctor suggested that I wake him up every couple of hours through the night.... What have you done to help your kids through having a concussion safely.
Its been a long day.
AAwwww. Poor little sweetie. How hard for both of you. I hope you have a better tomorrow. Sorry no advice.
I haven't been there (yet! and mine are getting older so their cooperation would be a little easier to gain). I just wanted to let you know that as I'm being woken up to nurse my toddler all night long (she's on a roll) I'll think of you waking up every two hours (if you sleep, please try to). So you won't be completely alone; you'll have a fellow mom awake and thinking of you in cyberspace.

Glad you made it through the day of quietness. Two is a bit young for telling stories, but if he's feeling crummy enough maybe he'll be content just sitting and cuddling and talking about when he was a baby, or his birth, or how you came to meet his father (all very popular with my children, over and over again!).

BTW... I'm off to a CST tomorrow since my little boy had so many head bonks as an active toddler. So I've been darn close to where you are. Sometimes they just take years off your life with those slo-mo falls!
poor little guy! definitely wake him up even more than 2 hrs if it makes you feel better. I once had a car accident not wearing a seatbelt, the air bag knocked me out. I wasn't supposed to sleep that night but I did anyways, not realizing the reason (stupid teenager).
did they do a cat scan or anything?
No cat scan. He didn't pass out on the impact, so they pretty much warn you of the serious symptoms like vomiting, bruising around eyes or behind ears, really bad headache etc. Then they suggest a trip to emerg.
Thanks for the suggestions Traci! Those were sweet!The hardest thing about keeping him calm was his 4 year old brother! They just wanted to play all day.... a story worked for 5 or ten min stretches at a time. (I wish I could get some more major snuggle time in .... they grow up too fast sometimes!)
He seemed really good tonight. He ate a full dinner which tells me that he isnt too nauseous.
The hardest thing from here will be keeping him from hitting it again for the next couple of weeks!
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