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2.5 yr old DD runs and runs and runs

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I mean this girl just wont stop. I can't get her out of the car and set her down because the minute I do she just runs and I mean runs fast. does anyones else have a LO that does this, and what do you do. We have had some pretty close calls in parking lots and stores, I never thought I would say this, but I think i need a leash.
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When I clicked on this, I thought running in a "needs exercise" way, not elopement. DS, 2.5, does laps around the kitchen island/dining room every evening after dinner. He runs for 15-20 minutes.

For public spaces, parking lots...if I cannot or no longer carry him, then I try to prevent by talking about my expectations. Just prior to getting out of the car, I'll say, "We're going in the parking lot, and you need to hold hands. And then, cart-riding!" (I have this sing-song I use for cart riding in a store - he still thinks it's a treat.)

gotta go
Yep, I definately set my expectations before heading into any situation. I feel like there is a spring that just "needs" to spring in her, it is getting very tiring.

A song is a good idea!
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