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2 breasts or one?

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my little ds has changed his feeding patterns over the past week or so. he used to be fine nursing on one breast each feed, but now he seems "finished" (i.e. tugging & pulling off) after the fast flow is done (about 5 minutes) and will only take the other fast flowing breast. i am not sure if he is getting the hind milk. when i express the first breast after he is "done" it takes a few compressions to get some milk. could i be running out of milk? he has always been an efficient eater, but he is only feeding for 10-15 minutes total & will only go 1.5 hours between feeds during the day & the last few nights his length of sleeping have gotten shorter (from 6 hours to 4). coincidence? he is gaining weight fine, happy, does not nap very long during the day but never has.
any thoughts?
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If your little guy is gaining well and giving you enough dirty and wet diapers, I'd say it's likely that he has just bacome more eficient at getting your milk out. That's probably why he nurses for shorter periods of time.

As to the more frequent nursings, it's normal for them to go through periods where it seems like all they do is nurse. I think it has to do with their growth patterns.

It sounds like everything is going like it should.
Babes can change their nursing patterns over time...and several times. I think you're doing well to read his cues and offer the 2nd breast. As the pp mentioned, keep an eye on the output and his demeanor.

My dd usually nurses both breasts. Sometimes, she'll nurse for a long time and other times, she wants to switch after just a few minutes.

It is extremely unlikely that you are running out of milk. The more he nurses, the more he stimulates your breasts to make more milk. It could be a growth spurt - my dd would nurse more frequently and vigorously at times and I think she was teaching my body to make MORE!

dd 8 mo.
I agree it could be a growth spurt. It is a common time to wonder do I have enough milk what's going on? The more the baby demands the more your body will boost it's supply. Babies do tend to get more efficient as sthey get older also. Hang in there because just when you get used to this pattern times will change again!
It's classic time for a growth spurt for your little guy. If he's happy and healthy, then I'm sure everything is fine. As a pp said, they get really efficient at getting milk out as they get older and that might be the case here. He could also just be bulking you up for more milk for the growth spurt.

It's hard as a bfing mom b/c we're conditioned to think babies should get X amount of milk/ day when really, it can vary from child to child and even from month to month.

Hang in there - I'm sure you're doing fine! And congratulations.
thanks for the support & encouragement! he is gaining lots of weight
my concern now is that when he tugs at the second breast, he still seems hungry & has recently started hollering when i put the breast away. he is not interested in sucking, he seems to only want the fast flow. this makes feeding time a bit of a tug of war. though it does not happen every time, as we just got back from our local baby clinic & he feed fine there - which made the nurse i was talking to think i am a little batty!

i wounder if it has anything to do with the fact that he barely naps during the day 1/2 hour this morning & 1/2 hour on the ride home. hmmm
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I had a really abundant supply and active letdown. When my supply started evening out, and I no longer had such a strong letdown, my DD got frustrated. Basically, she didn't have to actively suckle to get lots of milk in the early days, it just fell down the back of her throat. Once she started having to work a little harder for it, she did get a bit cranky. As with so many things, it was a phase that passed...
Lots of good suggestions here. I just have one suggestion to add. Try breast compression, as explained by Dr. Jack Newman at the following link:

This technique can be helpful in keeping a fussy baby at the breast longer by stimulating a let-down of milk.

Dr. Newman's book is amazing! I couldn't have made it through the first month without it.
I was just going to say try breat compression and then I saw the pp! it works for many mothers.
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