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2 cms down, 8 to go

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Had a midwife appt yesterday at 39 weeks and found out after my internal exam I am 2 cms dilated, so only 8 to go.
. Still, I don't think I will be opting for another internal exam anytime soon, ouch that hurt!! Midwife also scared the bejesus out of me, she was like you can expect some spotting over the next few days, that is if you don't go into labor (i think she might have stripped my membranes without telling me). Go into labor!! I am not ready for that yet. I keep feeling like I have tons of time left. So of course she lit a fire under my butt and last night I was going nuts, did the taxes, paid the bills, cleaned the house, and I could hardly sleep wondering if I really was going to go into labor last night. Of course morning came, here I am and I am back to my lazy bones self today. Who else out there is close, yet feeling far away? I am doing fine with being pregnant, not really very miserable at all. I could do with less stretch marks on my belly, but otherwise I am a pretty happy camper.
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My midwife checked me yesterday too, I was 1cm and soft. Which she and I know means absolutely nothing. But it was enough to scare Dh. He is hoping I will at least a week overdue so that we get another paycheck before me maternity leave. He was telling me last night I didn't have to do anymore housework until the 10th. Like that is possible, I am a nesting fool lately.
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