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2 corpus luteums

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I posted this in a subforum, but figured I would get more hits here:

Hi, I have been a member here for a long while, I just never post. The name is Corissa, btw.

Anyway, so I am 6 weeks pregnant with 2nd child. Had an u/s done today and discovered that I have two corpus luteums on my left ovary (was having intense pain on my right side for the past week. My doctor wants to monitor it as there is bleeding coming from one of the cysts. Should I be worried?

Also, the baby's heart rate was 115 and I know that is within a norm, but a little lower than my doc is comfortable with. My last pregnancy ended in miscarriage and its heart rate was 109. I go back for a follow up u/s on the 22nd.

Does two corpus luteums mean that it was possible to have conceived twins? I know that we only seen one on the u/s and since the other cyst is rupturing or whatever it is doing, then maybe I should assume the other egg didn't get fertilized.
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Come one, someone. Anyone? Please tell me you have had this experience with having 2 corpus luteums on your ovary in early pregnancy. Should I be worried??
I don't have experience with it myself. I would think that 2 corpus luteums means that your ovary released 2 eggs. Whether they were both fertilized and implanted is a different story. The corpus luteum forms from what is left when an egg bursts out of a follicle. When there is no pregnancy (and therefore hCG), it secretes progesterone for ~14 days and then disintegrates and the drop in progesterone brings on a period. When there is a pregnancy, the corpus luteum responds to the hCG by continuing to secrete progesterone to support the pregnancy. If two eggs released and only one implanted, it stands to reason that both corpus luteum would respond to the presence of hCG (regardless of which egg was fertilized and implanted) and continue to secrete progesterone. Does that make sense?

As far as whether you should be worried-- I don't think so, but I'm not sure. 2 corpus luteum could mean that you have a higher progesterone level and could lead to increased pregnancy symptoms for you, but to my knowledge the baby should be just fine.
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