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2 Diabetes questions about Lantus/needles

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We finally got DS on Lantus, and he is doing great!! Past week he has only had 2 lows. I don't know why, but I am glad. I will be calling Children's again tomorrow to give them the results. 2 questions though from expert MDC moms of diabetic children please...

1) Can I use the Lantus for 6 weeks as long as it's stored in the frige? Instructions say every 28 days, but insurance doesn't cover 100%.

2) I have been reusing the Novolog needles as he gets 4 shots a day with it, and insurance doesn't cover 100%. DH is an RN, and he says to do it...change the needle daily, but with each use in the day to clean it with alcohol, which I do. Only DS is using the needle.

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