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2 down, 1 to go....

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I have 3 sisters and two of them have seen the light.

One of my older sisters, who has a three week old baby, is using cloth part-time because her DS was leaking out of every brand of sposies. I'm making her about 8-9 pockets diapers when I get the material in a couple of days and hopefully she will be able to go full time or close to it. This is the sister who MADE FUN OF ME for using cloth because it's "so gross". I was angry at the time, but I knew she was just like every other mainstream parent assuming the worst about cloth diapers. I never pushed the issue. She just came around to the idea in her own time, apparently.

My little sister, who doesn't have kids yet, and doesn't plan to for quite a while (needs to find the right man first
), just told me tonight, "When I have a baby, you need to make me a whole bunch of these things."
She was over with a guy she's been seeing for only a little while (who is sooo nice and sooo hot
) and he was very interested in the diapers. He thought they were really cool and told me I should sell them on-line.
I hope she marries him and they have a bunch of beautiful little cloth-diapered babies together.

So, I only have convince my super-soggy older sis to TRY the medium stash I lent her, and MAYBE she will see how great they are too.

Do you think it's possible to get 3 converts in a two-week period? That's what I'm shooting for.
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