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2 in dipes, How many?

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I just read the 2 in dipes thread, and most of you said that you wash every day in order to have enough room in the washer. I am now wondering if I'm washing everyday, how many NB dipes will I need? I already have 3 kissaluvs, 24 Premie CPFs, 12 infant CPFS, and 6 small FB. Oh, and plenty of covers. Maybe I need to not buy much more.
All but the Kissaluvs are left over from DD. Oh, and I have a freind who will probably let me borrow her 7 kissaluvs, and maybe even her 8 small FB. That would be more than enough, wouldn't it. I wanted to at least try a FCB
Maybe more is still better?
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If you are washing every day that will probably just be adequate. I would get some more prefolds. I found the newborn prefolds from green mountain perfect and I would just buy these next time. We started doubling up on the preemies in OC's second or third week, It worked, but you could really go through them doing that and before the infant CPf's fit really well. Of course my little one had to be changed more frequently than I ever imagined.

So, I say buy a few more, sure. You'll get a lot of use out of them I bet. It's good to have a buffer of more than one day I think. Then you won't have to worry about the washing so much.

Even if you had more than enough I would still recommend trying a FCB, because they are such a smashing little newborn dipe and a real pleasure to use. I had one LC and one FCB and loved them both. Enjoy!

Edited to add green mountain link
I have only had 2 in dips for about 3 and a half days now
...but for this newborn stage, the only dipes that fit really well are Kissaluvs size 0 and also my HH Tiny Heiny. The Kissaluvs are nice because they are so thick, and I change him so frequently, that I don't use a cover at all. Unfortunately, I only have a dozen of them, so I am washing every day just to have enough to use. The only really newborn cover I have is a Pro-wrap, but the velcro scratches his thighs. I really expected him to be a bit chubbier, so my stash is almost completely size small, very little newborn anything! :LOL I actually have 35 small fitteds and about 5 sall covers, but little else for frog-leg boy! Incidentally, he is 9lbs, but still long and skinny.

Okay, I am not sure if I answered your question or not.
Anyway, I am washing every day, but mostly to keep enough diapers on hand.
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Next time I have a newborn, it's 36 Kisslauvs and a few soakers for me. We're using kisslauvs size 2 right now and a few soakers and it's working like a charm.
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