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2 layer 200wt fleece cover for night?

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I had TONS of this stuff and decided to make a 2 layer cover for tongitt (we woke up wet again...grrrr!) Is is going to work? He really doesn't pee that much, it's just not absorbing fast enough or something because it's coming out the legs...I need advice. I am going to switch to luvs...
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I've used one layer 200wt (but it had DWR?) pants and they worked great on my little boys, he's an all night super soaker. Maybe you should make it a little wider in the crotch?? Or maybe your diaper isn't absorbant enough? Just some thoughts.
two layers of 200 wt mm fleece wouldn't work for my super soaker (tried it) but ya never know with fleece, everyone has such different experiences.

it sounds like your guy's got a really fast urine stream.

Have you tried an aristocrat? I suggest this because they sort of fit like shorts and give nice upper thigh coverage.

Are you absolutely sure that your diapers don't have detergent/mineral build up?

Can you remind us what types of diapers you've tried. Sometimes I think hemp doesn't absord as fast as cotton, maybe try using a nice thick, well broken in, trifolded hand towel as a doubler. Something soft and plush that will absorb fast.

HUGS, supersoakers are hard to CD sometimes.
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I'd make fleece shorts (or pants if its chilly) instead and use a stuffed fitted underneath them. That's the only diapering system that has worked completely leak free for us. I LUB my fleece shorts.
As long as I have a good diaper underneath, my 200wgt covers are wonderful.
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