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2 questions: car rides and spit up

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1. If your dc screams when you're in the car, is that cio? because you can't always stop and get them out! I feel so awful if I'm driving and he starts screaming!

2. today ds has been spitting up a LOT. will he be hungry again afterwards because he spit up his whole feeding, or should I not be feeding him so much if it's making him spit up?

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1. I don't think it's the same thing as CIO. You can reassure your baby by singing or talking to him or her, and just limit trips to what really needs to be done.

2. Maybe more frequent but shorter feedings, with lots of burping breaks? I'm not a spit up expert, but my dd would spit up when she ate too much too fast.
no it's not CIO any more than setting them down so you can pee is CIO

2. Just nurse on demand. Spitting up is just a laundry problem most of the time

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1. My first screamed for the first 6-7 months every time we would take a car ride. I did my best to reassure her that I was there and not ignoring her and also avoided car rides when possible.

2. There are many reasons that babies spit up. Here are a few: 1. You might have overactive let down or over supply issues, so the babe is taking in lots of air. Does you baby choke on your milk, pull off and cry only to go right back on, and I think I heard that the belly will sometimes gurgle. Not sure of the last one. You could try feeding on the same side for 2-3 nursing sessions, burp often, and I think some people have pumped a tiny bit before the baby nurses and that seems to help as well. 2. Both my girls were sensitive to dairy in my diet. They would spit up entire feedings and J actually projectile vomitted for awhile. I cut out dairy and wheat and the spit up virtually stopped. 3. It could also be your babe is just a spitter.

If it truly does seem like the entire feeding is coming up please make sure that he eats again soon as you don't want him to become dehydrated. Not trying to scare you just wish someone had told me this before we ended up in the ER with a dehydrated 2 week old (although part of this was caused by the hot weather we were experiencing).
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sometimes he coughs but not often. I don't think I have supply issues as it wasn't an issue with my daughter...I don't know though!
honestly, i don't see how it isn't cio. i wonder the same thing--my dd hates the car, and it's worse than ever even at 10 months old. to me it does feel like cio, so i hardly go anywhere if dh can't drive so i can be in back with her (the only way she'll somewhat tolerate it).

i'm not trying to be snarky or a martyr. it just feels so awful to me. i would love nothing more than to think of it as not cio, but...i dunno.
I can't fit in the backseat even, with 2 carseats back there! sigh.
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