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So I'm 9dpo today and tested....BFN, which discourages me. I know that most people would think it's ridiculous to get discouraged this early on, but I have been pregnant 13 times, and all but 2 of those have been BFP's that began to show on the evenings of 8/9dpo (I get stronger BFPs in the evenings than with FMU).

I know they say "every pregnancy is different", but after an early BFP that many times, wouldn't it be fair to assume that I just tend to implant early? And that my chances of a BFP, if I had a BFN at 9 dpo- are much slimmer than the average person who tests negative this early on?

I realize it probably looks like I'm thinking WAY too much into this, but it's how my mind works. ;)

My other question is for the ladies out there who only have one tube left. I lost mine in 2012 in emergency surgery (ruptured ectopic). I have had one baby since then, and 2 more early miscarriages. As I understand it, the remaining tube can still "grab" the egg from the opposite ovary. So if this happens, does ovulation delay a bit? I mean, say all my ovulation signs are on CD14, and I release an egg on that day, would it take longer than normal for the egg to get to a location where it can be fertilized as opposed to a direct path from ovary to tube? Does that account for the slightly lessened chance of pregnancy after you've lost a tube, or is that statistic based on that egg just not being caught at all?
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