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2 questions: heavy wetter ? and cpf's ?

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First, i was wondering if anyone knows of any sites that have free shipping on prefolds? I know of one, BooBear's Corner.

And i was wondering if i should use infant cpfs as doublers on top of the premiums i am already using for my newly heavy wetter? Or will they be way too bulky?
Thanks ladies!
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I think I would just use a hemp doubler instead of another prefold. I think it would be much less bulky and hemp is very absorbant. Not sure on the free shipping, but there are lots of places that offer a flat rate, or free shipping if you spend a certain amount.

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smartiepants diapers and natural babies have flat rate shipping also you could try posting an ISO on the mdc trading post for gently used.

For nighttime I occasionally do a double diaper premium and infant cpf or for slightly trimmer a double diaper infant cpf but it is bulky and I only do so if I'm out of other diapers.

If you really want cheap and trim consider making some doublers from old t shirts. I'd suggest stacking 3-4 rectangles (in whatever size you need) of material, zig zag sew around the edges and trifolding it. This gives you a trim 9-12 layer doubler that would dry super quickly.

hope that helps
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