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2 questions: how to harvest herbs and planting late

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So, I am a total newbie but how do you harvest your herbs, meaning where do you cut, side? bottom? top? just leaves...??

Also, exactly what happens when you plant too late in the season? I REALLY want beets! I am in zone 8 and it is hot. Will they not grow? Is it worth a shot? LOL

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What type of herbs are you talking about? Most herbs are very forgiving, so you'll probably be alright no matter what you do.
For things like Basil, Thyme, and Mint, I like to just pinch the top bunch of leaves off each stem when I use them, so the plants end up nice and bushy. For things like chives, parsley, and cilantro, I cut off as many stems/leaves as I need (and always leave a few so it can regenerate).

I'm not sure about planting in your zone. Here in 4/5, I would feel comfortable planting beets for several more weeks yet. If you have the seeds, it is worth a shot.
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For your zone, beets need to be a fall/late winter/early spring plant. It's too hot right now.
Actually in my Territorial Seed Catalog I just got a week ago it says that you should plant beets in July after the first week for Winter harvest. Seed Usage yield chart. This is not exactly the chart they have in thier catalog I got, but close. You can order the catalog and see what I mean.
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