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2 Slings for Sale (taylor made and Freehand)

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I have two slings in excellent condition for sale.
The first is a Taylormade Treasures Organic Cotton Mesh Sling with Metal Rings. The color is pecan.
Asking $30 shipped

The second is a a Freehand Mei Tai with black padded straps. The body of the carrier is a burnt orange. Asking $45 shipped.

I don't have digital camera but you can see the slings at their websites.
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Are you ISO anything (besides paypal
) I like the taylormade, but don't have $30 in paypal right now
I have a sm/md hotsling, a bunch of kids clothes (boy and girl, all sizes) and lots of small and medium diapers and wool.

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Sorry, I really do need paypal right now.
I don't see the burnt orange on the FH site. Could you explain the fabric better? Thanks.
Sure, it's a celtic print. It's sort of a small swirling pattern. I would say its pretty neutral.
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