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2 y.o. acidic poop ~ bad rash

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our dd (2) has been pooping and pooping and pooping the past 7 days. She seems to have very acidic stool that has caused a terrible rash and we change it right away. She comes to me and is saying me poopy mommy change me. And she is going 2-3x her normal routine, I have done the treatment for the rash (air it out, weleda cream) but it's just not getting better and I realize that I need to try to change her gut. I have tried to give her the BRATY diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast and yogurt) someone told me works for loose stools, but nothing so far. What would you suggest? Her poor bottom has welted up spots and even little areas that are open and weeping. HELP?!
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I don't have any advice about the diet but when DS has a bum like that we put him in the tub with one of those Aveeno oatmeal soaks. It seems to work pretty well for him.
Give her some probiotics. You can mix it into applesauce. Also, avoid dairy until you can get her feeling better.
You have to help her get over the diarrhea first. If she is still nursing, you may want to cut out all food for a day and only nurse her. If she is hungry only give her dry toast.

Once the diarrhea is gone, she can start to heal. Breast milk is the best thing you can put on her bottom and of course airing it out.
If you get something comprable to this I know it works. It has worked wonders for the toddlers of a couple people I know. It should clear up and feel better almost instantly assuming you are not using it with another product.

Califlora Calendula Gel

I am sorry I did not see your post sooner as I think it is worth running out to get it. Whole Foods has it and maybe the pharmacy. I hope this helps your dd just as well!!
baking soda soaks work great for sore rashy bottoms. add half a cup to the tub and let baby soak... it really helps!
thanks you all who have lended me some of your wisdom, we are still battling it. We are trying only the brat diet and breastmilk, but her new word "hate" has come to use for her i.e. "I hate nanas, I hate ice (rice), I hate that)...don't you love what older siblings teach the little ones!?!!! Anyway, with all the naked bum time and some slathering of calandula her rash is imporving but one bad poopy diaper and we seem to be right back to square 1. I am going to get some probiotics today, does anyone know of one that is better for little ones. I have never bought any before so this is new for us. thanks again!
Here is a thread on the subject. JaneS is so very enlightened on this issue:

And when you're done with that (LOL) you can just click at the very top of the page and the whole thread will open up for you.
When DD gets a rash or irratation from acidic stools I use tamanu oil and then a barrier cream (such as weleda or california baby). When it is really bad we continue w/ the tamanu oil and use Triple Paste. It usually clears up right away.

I also rec. probiotics. We use Yum Yum Dophlilus (Jarrow Formulas) and it is chewable.
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