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2 y.o. gagging herself...........WTF?!

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So, a few weeks ago my daughters discovered that when they made this horribly disturbing choking sound, it got mommy's attention real quick. This soon became a game for them, so I tried to counter that by not paying attention to them when they do it. (not an easy thing to ignore, but anyway...)
So 1 dd has grown bored of the game, thankfully, but her sister has taken it to a new level: she now sticks her entire hand down her throat until she gags, sometimes even bringing up some bile... it is so disturbing.

Well, last night after dinner she did it again, and then proceeded to puke up her entire meal, which she found very amusing. I was horrified!
So, paying attention to the problem only made it worse, but ignoring the problem has not helped at all.
Any advice will be very appreciated here, or even just to hear that maybe she's not the only one doing this.
Thanks mamas.
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s I am so sorry your babies are doing this. I had a little cousin when she was around two who would gag herself, she would also hold her breath when she was mad, she would almost pass out if you let her. It was scary. I'm not sure how to make it stop I can't seem to make ds stop spitting. I hope you get some good advice, It has to be scary to witness such behavior.
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My 21 month old does this too, and my 7 year old used to. i was never able to get them to stop, and they eventually grew bored of the game.
I have no advice, but the same problem with DS, 18 mos. He does it mainly when we're in the car, so I have had to clean puke off our carseat a LOT lately. I just try to distract him and/or prevent him from getting too bored. I hope someone has some suggestions!
Chiming in to too! The last time my son did this he wanted me to stop eating (?). So he proceeded to gag himself until he threw up. Of course, I had to get up, because there was puke all over him and the floor.

Thankfully, we've not had another episode so I haven't had to confront how to deal with it. I do find that when he starts coughing/choking, I try VERY hard to get him to move on to something else. I guess its the same tactic as trying to avoid a tantrum.

Glad to know that we aren't the only ones dealing with this...

~Carrie & Boden (8-19-03)
Both my kids have gone through this phase. Lovely, isn't it?
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Add us to the list. At 19 months, DD has been doing this for the last 8 weeks or so. Sometimes she sticks her fingers down her throat and sometimes and sticks food into the back of her throat, just to gag. Luckily, her gag reflex doesn't seem too sensitive cause while it does make a horrid noise, she doesn't throw up. I think this is just soemthing new they've learned to do with their bodies and will outgrow it eventually. Sorry I can't offer any advice, just know that you're not alone and I don't even think it's that weird (yet!
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Count us in as well. Our 15 month-old ds started gagging himself a few months ago. He mostly did it if dh and I were fighting. Now he doesn't do it as much, but he has taken it to the level of actually vomitting. I hate it, and he didn't seem too thrilled the last time he puked. I'm hoping that might have put a stop to it!
Thank you mamas... it's good to know we're not the only ones going thru this.

For us, I don't really see a pattern to it, like she wants me to stop doing something, or she wants my full attantion, or anything like that. Many times it has absolutely nothing to do with me... I catch her doing it to get a reaction out of her twin sister. So, as much as I ignore it, she's still got an audience there. And it seems like the more I try to distract her and move to something else, the more agressively she does it... again, to further entertain her sis.

I can usually ignore it until she stops, but the self-induced vomitting really got to me.
I hope that was an isolated incident, because I'm really at a loss as to how to react to that one. We were riding in the car when it happened, and when we got home I was going to start cooking her another meal, but dh thought maybe if she had to go to bed hungry as a result of her own actions, it might be a good lesson for her. I'm not sure...

Looking forward to this stage being a distant memory, for sure!
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