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Hi everyone,

It all started when my little angel climbed out (or rather hurled herself out)
of her crib at 18 months. Since then we've had sleep issues on/off. Note, I used to nurse her to sleep at nap time and night time and throughout the day of course (now we are down to night time and morning time)!

After that time, we co-slept for about 6 months, but my husband didn't sleep
well with her in the bed, as our bed is small. So, it would often be the two girls and the husband separately. Finally, he convinced me to try the big girl bed as developmentally she could vocalize her feelings so much better, and we have been doing so with some success.

Problem is, she prefers me over my husband when it comes to any sleep time
routine. However, she seems to fight me more, and not settle down. As we still nurse at night and in the morning, I do night time and used to do middle of the night if she woke up, until we recently realized she will not fight her daddy like she fights me. And, he does nap time, although I usually have to disappear. His tone is harsher than I would like, but it seems to work better. I would prefer to be loving and comforting, as I don't want sleep time to be a
time of stress, but she really is so different with us--even if we try to do/say
the exact same thing. She never wants me to leave, but she'll often mess around forever; while at times she'll tell him to leave and go right to sleep.

So experienced parents, please let me know your thoughts on our sleep issue, as well as the use of a nightlight (I thought I read they were bad for the eyes), and weaning the night and morning nursing.

I know I may be asking people who continue to co-sleep and do extended
breastfeeding--whatever works, but I really value everyone's input.

Thanks in advance,

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Can't offer any help, but Welcome to MDC.

I am sure you will find a lot of answers on the Nighttime Parenting Forum, or the Parenting Toddler forum (I may have the names wrong, but the idea is the same). You will get a lot more BTDT advice.

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Dear Beth,
Sorry to hear you are going through a rough sleep time. There are many great ways to help your dd to sleep. My first suggestion is to read (or skim) an excellent book called, The No Cry Sleep Solution (there's one for infants and one for toddlers) was written by a mom who only felt like she had two options when it came to helping her child sleep... so she gathered a lot of great information and specific things to try. This lady's approach is basically if you try the things in the book that after X number of days you'll be sleeping better (and so will your child) Perhaps they have this one at your library or you could try looking online (amazon sells used books).

Other than that, yes, do post your questions in the nighttime parenting forum. But overall, don't despair. If your child isn't sleeping there are some awesome, loving ways to improve things.

Good Luck,


PS. Feel free to PM me about any sleep things. My ds is about the same age. I might be able to pass along some more info from that book I mentioned (it really helped us). And yes, it has been our experience that night lights worked against sleep (relating to sunrise marking morning and sunset--dark room--marking sleep).

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the tips.

I have to admit that the day I posted my dd had woken up the previous night, and I struggled to get her back to sleep, when, instead of following my instinct and lying down with her, I tried to sit in the chair, which works at night when she is going to sleep. Needless to say, it took hours (literally), and I was exhausted and frustrated. And, then I
went to post and accidentally hit cancel and lost my text! So, there you have it.

I am curious about the baby insomnia...tell me more as I jokingly say my dd has it when she won't go back to sleep at night forever! But, there have been different phases, so not sure if it is real.

However, she has been better, and I just need to follow my instincts!

Thanks for the book recommendation, I think my neighbor has it. I actually used Good Night, Sleep Tight, and am still implementing the technique, but making it my own.

Naps are a bigger struggle, as she wants me, and I am not always available b/c I work from home. DH is often here, but she fusses for me, so I usually have to be "gone" or she fights my DH more. But, before long she'll relax--sometimes just wish it was easier for him--perhaps she is just in a mama phase now!

I asked about nightlights as I was against one, but DH thought it might help
with night wakings--although DD never mentioned being afraid. But, it seemed to me it took way longer for DD to fall asleep at night and if she woke up during the night. Plus, I was against them, as I thought I read they were not good for their eyes, but don't recall where I saw that. Anyhow, she has adjusted fine without it, and seems to be sleeping better!

I did cross-post to the other forum, too--thanks for the tip.

Thanks again! Any other tips would be appreciated!
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