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2 year old with foreskin infection - need help now

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Hi there - hope this is the right forum.

My SIL is out of town this weekend and my brother is in charge. Of course everything that can go wrong goes wrong.

My 2 year old nephew was having problems urinating - crying when he went. My brother cracked open the diaper to find swelling.

My brother took him to Urgent Care and the dr on duty went to pull back the foreskin - my brother stopped him - said he was told not to forcibly pull it back. He and the dr did not see eye to eye and my brother and nephew were sent home.

My nephew is still in pain. My brother is frustrated. I told him I'd check here as I'm sure I'd be able to find good advise.

Any tips you can offer are greatly appreciated.
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I hope your nephew feels better soon. You might have better luck posting in the Health and Healing forum maybe even the Case Against Circumcision one.

Thanks - I started to post in case against circumcism but wasn't sure if that was the right place as it seems to be more for debate - I'll go post there - daddy is really stressing.
first thing i would do is alternate baby tylenol and motrin every 2 hours for pain relief and get the little guy in a warm bath to help relax him.......then have him stay naked afterwards, then i would tell my self "his penis is probably not going to fall off tonight, if i can get him to sleep i can take him in again in the morning if he's not getting better"
First check to make sure a hair or some thing isn't wrapped around the base of the penis!!!

Mild swelling and discomfort might just be separation starting. You can do the usual comfort remedies for that, baking soda in the bath have him pee underwater, etc. A bit of diaper cream won't hurt, and might make it feel better if it's diaper rash. Leave to diaper off, for the night, and just put a pad/cloth diapers/towels under him to catch anything.

If it's actually a bacterial infection (highly unusual, and would tend to be caused by things like retraction which it sounds like hasn't happened) there are often other symptoms like fever or warmth at the sight. Bactriacin (sp?) is OK to put on it if you are convinced it's bacterial, but it is best to avoid it if you're unsure since antibiotic creams can lead to yeast infections. Don't use neosporin, since many people will react to it when it is used on a mucus membrane.
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