homeschool kids

By Jill Vettel

There is a wealth of fantastic free content for homeschoolers on the web, so much so that it can get overwhelming trying to keep track!

Here is a list that is up-to-date and has a wide variety of options, including many resources for middle and high schoolers, something that can often be hard to find. Enjoy!

Tip: If you're looking for a reasonably priced, progressive and child-based curriculum or school check out Oak Meadow. Not free, but well worth the price.
    1. Watch Know Learn: free videos in all subjects K-12
    2. Khan Academy: all free courses, most for middle school and high school but excellent K-12 math available
    3. Concordia University Fine Arts - Concordia University's fine arts lesson plans grades 1-8
    4. Actuarial Foundation: math resources, activities, and free lesson plans grades 4-12
    5. Kids Health: health and safety lesson plans preK-12
    6. Utah State NLVM: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives preK-12
    7. Classics For Kids: music education
    8. E-Learning: complete free curriculum for elementary and middle school
    9. Learning Ally: free audiobooks for dyslexia and other learning disabilities
    10. US History: online history textbooks for middle through high school
    11. Inquiry in Action: chemistry and physical science lessons and activities grades 3-6
    12. Coursera: many free, very high quality courses from top universities
    13. Discovery Education: free science lesson plans and resources K-12
    14. Gutenberg: over 49,000 free ebooks
    15. Education: printable worksheets, activities and games preK-12
    16. Hoffman Academy: video based piano lessons
    17. Spelling City: vocabulary and spelling games
    18. Go Social Studies: social studies for teens, written in an engaging style
    19. Scholastic: lesson plans, unit studies, discussion guides, activities
    20. Stanford History: complete middle and high school history curriculum from Stanford University
Image: Brad Flickinger