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Hey, so I have some questions

First, I started off co-sleeping with my daughter until she was about a year old, which is when she started going to her crib on her own to sleep. She used to love her crib, and at bed time she'd be all "crib, momma" and we'd go.

I went through a phase where I loved having the bed to myself, and then I was starting to miss having her near me, even if I'm just reading in bed or on the computer. NOW, at 20 months, the past three nights she's demanded to "come to bed" with me.

I'm totally okay with it - my question for co-sleepers with toddlers:

Are there any safety gadgets I can buy to make sure she's not going to tumble out? We have a slide in gate type thing that I got, but I'm wondering if I'm missing anything? My room is basically 100% child proof, but I do most of my writing and reading in here, and she has to sleep with the light on if I do that, which doesn't bother her.

I guess I'm rambling, and just worried she's going to tumble out of bed or get a lousy sleep because of meowing cats and typing moms
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