You don't need to spend a fortune to grab high quality toys for your little ones. Here are our favorite gifts under $20. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our BIG TOY GIVEAWAY! Find them both here.

<!-- Good Maine Eggs -->

Image of: Good Maine Eggs

Good Maine Eggs

An egg hunt for the holidays anyone? These wooden eggs are simple but oh so much fun. Cook them up in a play kitchen, decorate them with crayons and markers, or hide them around the house for an indoor treasure hunt. Made in Maine.

<!-- Felted Bookmark Kit -->

Image of: Felted Bookmark Kit

Felted Bookmark Kit

Another creative craft kit from A Child's Dream. This one includes everything your older child will need to make three rainbow wool felt bookmarks. The resulting product makes a lovely gift for friends or family as well.

<!-- Really Magic Markers -->

Image of: Really Magic Markers

Really Magic Markers

Create a picture with these markers and then use the magic wand to transform the colors. Or write a secret, invisible message with the wand and reveal it with one of the many color options. These sturdy and long lasting markers are a unique ways to provide hours of creative fun at just about any age.

<!-- Matryoshka Dolls -->

Image of: Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka Dolls

The Matryoshka doll from Little DeMoura Designs is a beautifully crafted doll at a great price. This huggable girl is the perfect size for toddlers and offers a choice of several colorful hair colors and dress designs. Constructed from 100% cotton, handmade in the USA. Two sizes--the smaller version is also a rattle.

<!-- Small Starry Night Playsilk -->

Image of: Small Starry Night Playsilk

Small Starry Night Playsilk

Whether your child is using this as a doll blanket or cape, this small play silk will surely give them a smile. Beautiful design is perfect for nearly every need.

<!-- Joe's Wooden Finger Bow -->

Image of: Joe's Wooden Finger Bow

Joe's Wooden Finger Bow

This tiny wooden bow is made in the US and comes with two blunt arrows and an extra string. A cute and sturdy little gift for a stocking.

<!-- Classic Teething Buddy -->

Image of: Classic Teething Buddy

Classic Teething Buddy

Stylish and versatile, the Classic Teething Buddy has everything needed in a teether. The natural hardwood maple ring is finished with a beeswax/organic jojoba oil polish and the 100% cotton teething cloth can be removed for easy washing. This teether from Little DeMoura Designs is handmade in the USA and available in a variety of prints.

<!-- Wooden Sewing Needle -->

Image of: Wooden Sewing Needle

Wooden Sewing Needle

A simple tool to help younger children get acquainted with sewing. The blunt tip removes the worry of your child getting poked and the large eyes make it easy to thread. You'll likely need to prepunch holes in wool felt, or use a crocheted piece, for your child to work with.

<!-- Animals on Wheels -->

Image of: Animals on Wheels

Animals on Wheels

Green Toys has long been a favorite of ours. Their toys are made from recycled milk jugs in the USA, are reasonably priced, and are high quality items. These new animals on wheels are a sweet little addition to their line-- check out the different styles on their site.

<!-- Natural Wood Baby Rattle -->

Image of: Natural Wood Baby Rattle

Natural Wood Baby Rattle

Simple, beautiful and natural, it's the perfect wooden rattle at the perfect price. Comes in two designs and made in Idaho.

<!-- Rubberband Racer -->

Image of: Rubberband Racer

Rubberband Racer

Solidly made in the US of birch and maple, this simple yet exciting racer will give tots a taste for speed while teaching them a bit about physics. A great price for such a fun and well made toy.

<!-- Pine Train and Tender -->

Image of: Pine Train and Tender

Pine Train and Tender

This tiny train and tender are made of sustainable pine in Minnesota and are sure to add an extra spark of excitement to any floor play. A perfect stocking stuffer or reasonably priced gift for toddlers and older children.

<!-- Winter Pocket Fairy Kit -->

Image of: Winter Pocket Fairy Kit

Winter Pocket Fairy Kit

This new kit from A Child's Dream will allow older children to create two magical winter fairies. It's an art project and toy all in one! No sewing required and the materials are all natural, including the acorn caps.

<!-- Silk Soft Sword -->

Image of: Silk Soft Sword

Silk Soft Sword

A safe sword for any little tot, this will make just the right addition to castle play or any dress up box. Great price and made of lovely, colorful silk.

<!-- Eliephant Rattle & Teether -->

Image of: Eliephant Rattle & Teether

Eliephant Rattle & Teether

Looking for a rattle/teether with some style? Then you'll love this little elephant. Finished with jojoba oil and beeswax, this little guy is handmade in Washington. Great price too.

<!-- Kindness Elf Girl -->

Image of: Kindness Elf Girl

Kindness Elf Girl

What a sweet and wonderful idea, a kindness elf! This beautiful little girl would make an excellent stocking stuffer. Handmade so that each is unique in the USA.

<!-- Kindness Elf Boy -->

Image of: Kindness Elf Boy

Kindness Elf Boy

Brother to the delightful kindness elf girl seen above, this boy doll is truly a one of a kind creation. Fine detail and excellent craftsmanship make it well worth the price.

<!-- Stockmar Decorating Wax -->

Image of: Stockmar Decorating Wax

Stockmar Decorating Wax

Wax! It is so much fun. Children will spend hours and hours coming up with creative items from this delightfully colored set, from animals and dolls to play food. And there's enough here for more than one child. Safe and non-toxic.

<!-- Set of 2 Cotton Flannel Doll Diapers -->

Image of: Set of 2 Cotton Flannel Doll Diapers

Set of 2 Cotton Flannel Doll Diapers

What a great way to teach little ones about the environmental importance of cloth diapering! These darling little diapers are made in the US of natural materials.

<!-- Wiggle Worm Pull Toy -->

Image of: Wiggle Worm Pull Toy

Wiggle Worm Pull Toy

OK, so this one is cheating by a penny since it's not actually under $20! But we had to include it! What an adorable wiggle worm. Made in the US of natural wood, little ones can pull this guy all around the floor and watch him move. A unique and attractive gift at a good price.