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And everything turned out fine, tell me what your experience was???<br><br>
Baby just bumped Cervix?<br>
Early Labor?<br>
Cramps no Cramps??<br><br>
I posted last week, I had a tad bit of spotting, and it was very very little.. No cramping nothing, then it went away, just as fast as it came... I called midwife, she said not to worry, and that she would check me on my next appt.. Which is tomorrow Monday... I am having NO CRAMPING... And I can still feel baby moving around from time to time... There was one day, that I had not felt him/her move around, and I just drank a bunch of water, and laid on the couch till I felt a thump again... That was probably the most scary moment ever.. Tomorrow I am going for my routine ultrasound, and then my midwife appt... I'm 20 weeks PG, and so far have had no complications at all this pregnancy nor did I during DS pregnancy... I'm really scared right now, I really hope nothing is wrong with this baby or my body??? Maybe I am over doing it, but I have a 14month old I have to chase around, and entertain...<br><br>
Someone spam me with what this can be, rest my mind.... Something
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