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20 wk. U/S - 32oz. and do not VOID??? ReallY???

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Ok - I remember very clearly my U/S with ds#1. It was horrible - I was looking forward to it for so long,and then after drinking 32oz. of water and holding it, I was so uncomfortable and so sure I was going to wet myself, that I merely endured the U/S instead of appreciating it. I had even stopped at a McD's on the way to "void" just a little... So, again, U/S is scheduled for next week, and I'm dreading it instead of looking forward to it... Is 32oz really necessary??? I mean, I measure quite big at this point - fundas is probably 2 inches above my navel and I'm just 19 weeks. So can I assume that maybe 16oz is okay??? I don't want a murky picture, but really - I cannot do that again!!!
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I've heard of women being told that prior to the u/s but I wasn't told that the first time and my doc didn't mention it this time. My picture was fine the first time without drinking a lot purposefully.
They've told me to drink a lot before this time as well (can't remember how much) and like you, I was really uncomfortable last time (with DD). Fortunately when I had my ultrasoud with DD the just needed my bladder full for the first little bit, then I was able to go to the washroom so I could enjoy the rest of the ultrasound. This time I won't drink quite as much as they's just excessive!
This is crazy my first u/s I was 20 weeks (with my dd) and I drank a ton of water and was so miserable. This time at my 13 week ultrasound I was terrified they would make me do a vaginal that I drank a TON of water. Then the tech made comments the whole time about how full my bladder was and I told her why and she just looked at me like I was crazy...I asked when I made my apt at the ultrasound place this time and the lady was like...uhh no honey you'll be just fine. I donno. I plan on drinking a ton and then once I get there asking them how it looks if they say ok I am gonna go pee and come back!
From what my many u/s techs have told me through two pregnancies with many u/s...after 12-14 weeks there's no need to drink crazy amounts of fluids and not pee. In fact I've been ordered to pee in the middle of a scan because my bladder was getting in the way and smooshing the baby too much to get good measurmemts.

I think it's a silly standard that's good for pushing up the uterus early on but pointless once your fundus is high.
In my last pregnancy I was told to do that and when I got there was told that my bladder was too full and to go to the bathroom. I think the rec. is for people who don't drink water; I drink plenty. I just had my 20 week for this one and not only did no one even MENTION drinking water, the u/s tech stopped us by the bathrooms on the way back to the room and asked if I needed to use the restroom. Which I did and the picture was just fine. So I'd be pretty comfortable ignoring the suggestion as long as you stay pretty well hydrated in general.
I haven't had to drink for an obstetric u/s since the early 90's. For a first trimester u/s they usually do a vaginal and honestly, I would WAY rather have a vaginal u/s then go through an u/s with a full bladder. Still I haven't had to drink for a second trimester u/s since 1994.
I had a gyn u/s a few years ago that I had to have a full bladder for and if it had been my OB or midwife instead of a random male radiologist I would have asked to just do a vaginal u/s.
Yeah, that is completely unnecessary. The guideline I heard was to have a full bladder if before 14 weeks. I just had the 20 week u/s and they actually asked me if I needed to empty my bladder right before the u/s. And I did. And all was fine.

I would say don't bother.
yeah, you don't need a full bladder this far along. I just had a REALLY LONG ultrasound (included fetal echo), and we actually stopped about an hour in to have me go pee, because my bladder had filled.
I'm so glad to hear that!!! I drink plenty of water all day, maybe that was my problem last time. And I know for a fact that my uterus is especially high for my dates. So I'm not going to worry so much about it, and I'll try to enjoy seeing my little one this time. Dw laughs everytime I bring it up, but I don't think she understands exactly how horrible it was.
Thanks for all the advice!
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From my understanding, the full bladder thing is so that the cervix is easier seen/scanned. I would ask if they are scanning the length of your cervix, and if they are, scan that first so you can go relieve yourself and enjoy the rest of the scan.
I remember them telling me that drinking all that water is really for the benefit of those folks who are actually usually dehydrated -- most people don't drink enough fluids throughout the day. If you drink to sate your thirst on a regular basis intermittently throughout the day, attend as is it should be alright.
At my 12 week NT scan they had me empty my bladder at the beginning because it was making it too difficult to see.
I've had quite a few US, and never have they told me to drink a bunch of water. In fact they always ask me to empty my bladder before starting.
I just had my 20 week u/s and they told me to drink 32 oz of water also. I decided to "practice" the night before and it was ridiculous. I could barely walk without fear of wetting myself. I cut out a full cup and only did 24oz. I still felt full, but it was not painful at all. The u/s tech never noticed and I was comfortable the whole time. The tech even eventually sent me to the bathroom anyway because she could tell my bladder was full and interfering with the baby's space. Imagine if I had consumed the full 32 oz.

I think everyone's bladder is a different size (although I couldn't imagine a bladder that could hold 32 oz) and I think they give women a large number to cover their bases. I know a woman who was told to drink 40 oz. That's insane.
DDDC I was told to have a full bladder this time...been there, done that, no thanks!! I just had a couple of cups of water on the way, and peed 1 hour before my u/s, not after that...along with a bit of my dh's Coke to make sure baby was awake, just before.

By doing just that, the tech was asking me if my bladder was OK, and I could have voided whenever if I was uncomfortable. At this point it is quite unnecessary so I don't know why only some places recommend it?
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I asked my OB about this, prepared to drink a lot of water, and she told me that I don't need to anymore because the machines are so advanced now it isn't necessary.

Did they actually tell you this time around to drink it? I remember doing it with dd and it was pretty miserable. From what I have read, and what other people have said, it's just to push things up more...but it's torture!

If they didn't tell you to drink the water I would double check. Then drink a little less.
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My 20 week ultrasound is next week and I got the standard line about needing to drink 32oz of water. No way. For my 13 week one I drank around 28oz and I was so uncomfortable they let me pee a bit beforehand to at least relieve some of the pressure. I'm fairly sure I couldn't actually hold 32oz at this point. I think I'll just use the washroom 1 1/2 before hand, drink a few glasses of water and call it a day.
Just had my 20 wk u/s today. I did not have to drink any water & I pee'd right before to make sure my bladder was empty. I'm thinking that whoever scheduled & told you to drink that much is misinformed and in need of training. I've only heard of needing to have a full bladder the earlier ultrasounds.
At my 20wk with DD#1 I was tld it was fine to use the bathroom & there was no need for extra fluids. My 20 wk appointment this time is in 2 wks and was not told to drink excess fluids, avoid voiding, etc before the u/s.
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