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20 wk U/S and (GOOD!) OB appt! (long)

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We went for our 20 week ultrasound and OB appointment yesterday. We found out we're having a BOY!! Honestly, I have to say I thought this one was going to be a girl, but now my DS will have a little brother & they can play football together, etc. Everything looked good on the U/S.

The only comment was that my placenta is posterior (good, I'll be HBA2C), and that it's 1.6cm from OS while they "like to see" it 2.0cm. But it's early yet, so they'll check again closer to DD. I'm not too worried about .4cm at this point.

The greatest thing, though, was the OB appointment afterward!! As I said, I'll be homebirthing after a 2nd C-section. There isn't an OB around that supports VBA2C, of course, but the ob/gyn who took out my IUD agreed to see me for prenatal support, so I've been letting my insurance cover regular visits. You know how OB offices do- they rotate you through all the OBs in the office before you can go back to your own. So I was up to see Dr. M, the only male OB and apparently the head guy. I went in expecting to just nod and smile and let on like the "good patient".

Short background- at the last visit, with a lady OB, I brought up my concerns that I received a formula-mfr. bag with formula coupons mixed in with "educational" materials. I told her I was concerned that these materials were detrimental to BF relationships, and not in the best interest of their patients. She smiled and nodded, and said "thanks, I'll pass that on." I also brought up some other concerns which were addressed similarly.

So yesterday the OB comes in and nearly the first thing he says is that he would like to discuss my concerns about the formula advertising I received from their office at my first visit. You should have seen the look on my poor DH's face- like a deer in headlights! So my first thought is that I'll just give a brief answer that we already discussed it, and I'll save DH from being embarrassed again. But he asks what my specific concern is and why in such a way that I had to answer him, and a very nice, intelligent, civil discussion ensues, during which I never felt that he was being condescending or argumentative or dismissive!!! We even went on to discuss medications during pregnancy and even VACCINES!! Unlike my stupid (former) pediatrician, Dr. M. actually went and got out a reference book and showed me the entry that explained his point of view about medications, without the "I'm the doctor, I have more education than you, therefore I know better" (the ped.). It was so refreshing to have a disagreement and a discussion with a physician and to feel respected and pleased when it's over. He even gave me his email address & pager number, and I emailed him some formula advertisement articles, including a link to one on Mothering's site.

I plan to stick with him as much as possible, but really I'm just so thrilled that I met a doctor with some respect, and it kinda restored a little bit of my faith in the medical community. Of course, then I found out he's not an MD, but a DO!! LOL
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That is fantastic! Both that you're having a boy and you had a good discussion with the OB.
You must've left on quite a high?!

my OB in Houston was like that. When I thought I had to 'fight' an induction as I was nearing 42 wks, she was like, 'Look, all of my patients are desperate to induce when they get to their due dates and schedule that epidural. That's the norm but that doesn't mean I won't work with your needs'
Cool. And I got the med free postdates hospital birth I wanted.
There are a few good ones!
Wow, that's a refreshing story! Sounds like a great experience and a great, listening doctor to have on your side.
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Congratulations on an awesome visit!
and a boy! yah!!

Our OB office is amazing.
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