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$200 in groceries lasted only 10 days!!

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How can this be? I went grocery shopping 10 days ago and spent $200.00 and our cupboards are basically bare! And I didn't even buy any meat that trip!! We have no milk, bread, eggs (ok we have 1), fruit, vegetables, juices...our fridge looks basically bare except for condiments. I am watching sales and trying to buy only what we will eat/fix while remaining somewhat healthful, but right now I am totally dreading going to the store because I don't want to spend more money, yet we have to eat!! KWIM?? BOOHOO.

I guess I need to come here more often or something. At least I didn't let it go to waste, right? : )
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I have had similar things happen.... like I would spend $150 at the store and have nothing to eat. Now, I meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. That way we buy the ingredients for x many meals (usually for 1 week at a time), so we never spend with out getting something to actually eat. And if it is all scheduled for meals, then you don't just open the cupboards to emptiness... unless you have made all your meals for the week.
Wow. Get your receipt from that trip and look and see how much was ready made or convience food. That seems really high for that # of people to me.

Now- we have a well stocked freezer and pantry, but in general we spend around $60-$80 a week for 2 adults and one child. I do buy things on sale that will save (or freeze)

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