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Babies born in 2003... Did you have a boy or Girl?

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2003 Mamas... Boy or Girl?

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Just wondering what our boy to girl ratio is for 2003 babies. I had a boy on 09/08/03. His name is Micah.
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A friend and I were recently wondering if there is some kind of statistical anomolyinvoloving friends and acquantences having the same gender babies around the same time. I just had a boy and my two friends who've had babies this year were also boys. When my first was born it seemed like everyone was having boys. OTOH my middle son was one of only two boys in his playgroup of eight or so, and the other boy had a twin sister. Obviously it doesn't apply on a large scale, but it will be interesting to see how it works out for this community.
These things do tend to cluster, don't they. When I was growing up, most of my friends (girls) had a brother (at least one of each in each family). When DD1 was born, I started going to a moms' group. 2/3 of the children were boys. Now, 2 years later, with DD2, 2/3 of the children in the group are girls. And, most families have either boys or girls, not both. Of course, many are on their first child.
We have a girl, Grace Elizabeth, born in Feb 2003.

It's interesting... all kids on our block born in '01 and '02 are boys. The two (that I know of) born this year are girls.

yeah, we know a lot of boys born this year.

dd was born in 2000 and we seem to only meet boys her age. it wasn't such a big deal in the beginning, but now we would love to find some girls.
We had a boy this year Barely Hunter was born 01/01/03. I know many more 2003 boys that girls.
Our 3rd girl was born July 24th, her name is Tehran Rennae
BOy here...

I believe i have read that it goes in cycles..More boys are born during the spring and summer, and more girls are born during the winter and fall.. Which would explain why you see more of one gender over another at times...

All 3 of my boys have been born in the spring (April) or summer (July, and August.. ) OF course there is also the idea that some women only have one sex over another bc of the PH balance of their secretions, and their partners sperm preference..

Interesting stuff..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

We had another beautiful girl Lauren Elizabeth born at home on May 16th 2003.
we had a boy, Winter Alsandair, on July 12th.... most people I know had boys! it is funny how these things seem to come in groups!
A boy! Hayden Grady Wescott Cochran. A long name for a little guy.
We had a boy, Desmond Michael, on January 7th. I know of at least four baby girls born to family and friends this past summer/fall, though.
I had a boy, Samuel Burton on April 15.
Boy here too...........Boue Kaeleb 02/08/03
Baby girl, born at home into her daddy's hands...January 17th.
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