Here are a handful of our must-haves for every nursing mama!
The ABC Expo has everything nursing mamas could ever want! Here are a handful of our must-haves for every nursing mama, and the only bad news we have is that some won't come out until next year!

1. PUR Infinity Double Electric Smart Breast Pump

Every nursing mama knows that often, a breast pump is life! That's why we LOVE this one by Pur. It'll be released in 2018 (and mamas, you're gonna want it!). It's the only one on the market that will allow you to have 4 different modes to support the left and right breasts individually. Why? Because the makers were smart enough to talk to lactation consultants to see what nursing mamas really need in a pump! Novel idea, right? It's super quiet and is a game-changer when it comes to breast pumps!

These nursing pads will be your best friend!
2. Washable Nursing Pads from Curve Maternity.

Let's face it - those disposable pads get pricey, and aren't super for the environment. If you're like me and use cloth diapers, you wash stuff all the time anyway! We love that these are sustainably made, but also work fabulously! There is an ultra-absorbent multi-fiber core that prevents those embarrassing leaks, and the ergonomic design is discreet under your shirt. They are great for day and night, and are easy to wash and dry, so eco-friendly as well! They're made in Europe and headed our way soon!

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3. Lacti-Cups

Isn't it lovely when a product for you is made by someone who has done it herself, and knows exactly what nursing mamas need? We think so too. These cups were created by Diana Osoria, who was a clinical lactation consultant and health educator in the Postpartum and NICU units for over 17 years. She knows mamas, and she knows babies. Not to mention, she's a mama herself.

She knows every drop of milk is gold, and she came up with these amazing cups that save milk through the day - milk that normally would be wasted in traditional breast pads. These cups save up to 4 ounces of breastmilk at a time simply by collecting naturally occurring leaks. They go directly under the bra, and they can also help those sore nipples. They are 100% reusable and easy to clean, and when you transfer to milk container, it's easy peasy with their spout. They are awesome!

sleepnfeed-pillow4. Sleep n' Feed

This pillow is the bomb! It's for nursing or bottle-fed babies, and it works for so many different things. The creator is a mama too, and she invented it because she needed something that let her easily nurse her baby at night, and that grew with her little one! You can transform this pillow into different feeding positions, use it to safely co-sleep, and it is even a bassinet for traveling! It's an all-in-one pillow that will take your child through many stages and years! We especially love that a portion of proceeds goes to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) research!

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The Lilu nursing bra coming out next year will revolutionize nursing for mamas!
5. Lilu Bra

This bra won't come out until midway through next year, but when it does? Woot, woot! It's the first bra with automated compression, and it's designed specifically to help mamas produce more milk. The compressions mimic massage techniques lactation consultants suggest using to help boost milk, so you don't have to! Mamas are getting up to 50% more milk with this hands-free bra, and it's destined to revolutionize nursing for mamas!

6. Mother Modest Nursing Slips

These awesome slips can eliminate costs on pumping bras, nursing covers, breast therapy rings, and more. The slips come in sensory prints for your baby's development, and allow baby to nurse comfortably and discreetly (even though we are totally behind breastfeeding openly and proudly, boobs out!). For more info, you can check out Mother Modest's YouTube video.

These affirmation cards will let you know what an amazing mama you are!

7. Renegade Mama Nursing Affirmation Cards

We love these encouraging cards and can't tell enough people about them! Every nursing mama needs to hear what these cards offer - -support for breastfeeding and the first two years of your baby's life. You can pull a card once a week or use them daily - whenever you need a warm hug wrapped in beautiful art cards that tell you how awesome you are! Because really, you are!!

8. aLoo

aLoo co-founder, Aarti Mehta MD, knows that a mama's breastmilk is liquid gold (she's a mama herself), which is why she created a product that keeps your breastmilk fresher, longer. This device blocks 99.6% of your baby's backwash from contaminating your bottled breastmilk. This a HUGE deal, especially if you struggle to produce breast milk in the first place. aLoo makes sure that your baby gets every last drop of your liquid gold.