It's that time of year, and even weirder than last year with all sorts of supply chain issues and shipping issues and well...just issues in general. But it's also the time of year that we come together with gratitude and generosity to shower those we love. And that includes gift ideas for natural-minded mamas. Move aside macaroni necklaces (though we love those too) and check these out!

Canvas Art

Now, this isn't your typical canvas reprint.

Whether it's a photo of your child or a beloved vacation memory, CanvasArt will turn your favorite family pictures into a painting in the style of traditional fine oil. That's right...they're a group of professional artists who use your photo as a reference and then work with a stylus and digital tablet to (quite literally) paint a portrait that resembles the photo. This creation is all manual and even use the same brushes and techniques that Piccasso did! They help you celebrate what matters most....your cherished memories in a legacy piece of artwork you'll cherish forever. Just send them your photo and they do the rest. Prices start under $175 and sizes range from 8x10 all the way up to 32x48.

ChiUniverse Yoga Mat

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This is an innovative wellness product that natural-minded moms love! Designed by celebrity yoga teacher Bobbi Hamilton, ChiUniverse is more than just a mat--it's a community for global health and wellness-minded people! You can find Online classes, challenges, and giveaways on instagram @chiuniverseyoga and it comes with free videos on chi universe youtube and Roku channels.

Chi Yoga mats and games for kids and families are a great way to connect together and pamper yourself at the same time! Their products give mom the opportunity to stretch, workout, and spend quality playtime with the kids, and kids love it!

Or, she can take some time for herself and use the free media component to spend some time loving her body and caring for her mind and soul. The mats are mats are eco-friendly and made from non-phthalate PVC, meaning less than .01% phthalates. This is a MUCH higher standard than normal kids' yoga mats. They're lab tested and approved under prop 65.

The gift that keeps giving...treat and love yourself!

Meschell Saddle Bag
Skin Smile Hairstyle Shoulder Luggage and bags

Meeschell is a marketplace of women-inspired, small businesses with products that are natural, organic and eco-friendly specific in many categories. They have a wide selection of natural and organic products that are perfect for natural-minded moms, but we especially love this saddle bag. The fashionable yet eco-friendly saddle bag was created for active and conscious women. You can carry over your shoulders with a removable shoulder strap, or by hand. It's made of the innovative material known to be the alternative to leather, Piñatex® and dyed with GOTS certified dyeing, ensuring ecological and social standards.

World Finds Cuff Bracelet
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We adore this cuff and it's made from recycled materials (discarded furniture scraps and pieces of material) so they are UBER eco-friendly. WorldFinds is endorsed by Green America so you can definitely feel good about buying anything from them. Fair Trade is key (and of course there is the impact of fair trade). Their jewelry and accessories create work for over 700 artisans in vulnerable communities in India. They're such thoughtful designs and their sustainable practices bring change to the lives of the artisans, provide a bright future for their children, and strengthen their communities. They're a { mostly } women-powered brand that began in 2001. They design all of our items in-house, and love to work collaboratively - In their offices in the states, as well as with our amazing artisans halfway around the world.

CAREX Therapy Lamp
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What would any of us do with more energy, better sleep, and an uptick in their mental well-being?

This therapy lamp can help!

The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus offers a holistic and convenient way of replacing lost sunlight. It delivers 10,000 LUX of dr. recommended light therapy to relieve low energy levels, poor sleep quality, and winter blues. It’s easy as sitting in front of it for 20-30 minutes each morning. Their lamp has proven benefits and has been recommended by publications such as Wirecutter, VeryWell health, and more.

So many of us mamas suffer during winter months. Now we don't have to!

AND for our Mothering readers, they're offering 20% off if you use the code MOTHERING20.

Rooted In Rest Cream
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Every mama wants to overcome stress and sleep better, right? Well guess what? This line of moisturizers from Rooted In can help! They're made with magnesium (which SO many of us are deficient in) and they can change your life! They're supercharged with adaptogenic herbs to help you overcome stress, sleep deeper and alleviate muscle soreness. It's the magnesium chloride that's been scientifically proven to calm you and relax your mood.

Magnesium works best when it’s applied topically, making their therapeutic creams an incredibly effective (and easy-to-use!) way to get extra magnesium and a no-brainer addition to your self-care routine.

They have three creams:

Rest Cream for Sleep - Sleep support with all the essentials: Magnesium, Passionflower and Chamomile.

Relief Cream for Sore Muscles - Powerful ingredients to melt your tension away in minutes: Magnesium, Arnica, White Willow Bark & more!

Tranquility Cream for Stress - Total bliss stress support with key ingredients: Magnesium, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola

They're 100% vegan and made in the USA.

Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set
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Since we're talking about mamas loving sleep and good's another great gift idea for natural-minded mamas. Nolah Bamboo sheets are supremely comfortable and environmentally friendly! They have a soft, smooth, and silk-like feel and are lightweight and breathable, providing comfort without weighing you down. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification showcases the sustainability of bamboo harvesting and bamboo fabric's reputation as an eco-friendly alternative. Their bamboo sheets also have Oeko-Tex certification, meaning they don't use toxins and harmful chemicals. Talk about having sweet dreams!

Celestial Silk Pillowcases
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Celestial Silk pillowcases are another way to help moms sleep sweet. Silk is a natural way for moms to get much-needed rest. They're naturally temperature regulating and hypoallergenic, silk helps sleep come easier. Plus, we love Celestial's affordable pricepoint... 20-30% more silk and are half the price - starting at $37. The founder says that silk should be an affordable luxury and we agree! Silk helps your hair stay split-end and frizz-free AND helps keep your skin moisturized! What we love though is that with over 25 colors and designs, they arrive gift-wrapped, so you're all set! And, since it's all about giving, you can feel good knowing Celestial Silk gives 10% of proceeds to charity!

AktivWear Norweigan Zip-Up
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Ummmm, we love this zip-up from AktivWear and so will you! It's gone from Setesdal base layer to a fully fashioned piece, with the same signature pattern they're known and loved for! The yarns used for this line are from Südwolle, the soft, comfortable quality that can be worn next to skin without any itching. They have added ribbed details in the sides and the shape is fitted for a cute look and easy layering under your ski jacket. Being 100% Merino Wool, it's extremely breathable, antibacterial/odor resistant and biodegradable.

PLUS we love that you can wash at HOME! It's likely to be your favorite piece of clothing ever!