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22 month old Fever help, please!

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my 22month old has had a fever since Friday night, it gets worse in the night around 102 degrees and more normal in the day 99.5.
She hasn't been eating, or drinking a lot but nursing non-stop. She's really tired and pretty miserable. I've been trying to let the fever run it's course and only yesterday did I giver a bath and try the onion sock treatment.
She has no REAL symptoms with this fever. She's had a runny nose for weeks now but one thing knew is that it must hurt her to move her neck a bit b/c se won't turn to look at me unless she realy has to.

After all of that rambling.... how ong is it ok/safe to go letting a fever run it's course for her?
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I have a 21 month old.
I don't fear fevers either, but knowing that things like ear infections & uti's can cause fevers without other symptoms, it might be something I would think is worth a check-up just to be sure.

Hope she feels better soon.
The stiff or sore neck would make me nervous enough to get her in for a checkup.
If she's behaving tired and cranky and sick while her temp is down at 99.5, I'd bring her in.

Fevers will make you feel pretty awful, so if the kid is miserable with a high temp, I'd be tempted to try and bring the temp down (via tylenol or such) so I can evaluate a little better. If she's miserable while her temp's not even that high, I'd want a doctor to see her. And honestly, this is precisely why I made sure to pick a ped I really like: because I want to feel comfortable calling even if it later turns out there was no real cause for worry.
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