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(x-posted in nighttime parenting)<br><br>
Hi all, just wanted to see if anyone had advice or has BTDT - my 22 month old just recently (this last week) stopped wanting to go to sleep and has been extra cranky and waking up at night and just being a general PITA.<br>
I was blessed before and she would happily get into her crib (even ask for bed) at 8-8:30pm and would sleep until 7 the next morning...<br>
Now - she screams and cries and wants a blanket- then doesn't want a blanket, then wants her teddy - then throws it out - she says she needs a diaper change (when she doesn't) etc. etc. for 1-2 hours...<br><br>
I tried going back to co-sleeping (we co-slept for the first year) and she tosses and turns and kicks me and fusses and sits up and tries to talk to me (when she is obviously tired and rubbing her eyes). It has been taking almost 2 hours of tantrums each night to finally get her to bed - and even then she doesn't sleep the whole night and I have been going in to console her and eventually co-sleeping on the big bed in her room works for 1/2 the night...but she still wakes up off and on and gets up way earlier than she should (when she is still showing signs of being tired)<br>
I am 8 months pg and SO tired and really need her to go back to sleeping...<br><br>
Here are my thoughts as to why...<br>
teething? - but teething medicine (tried hylands and tylenol) doesn't really make a difference...<br>
nightmares - maybe she had one and is now afraid to go to sleep?<br>
developmental issues?<br>
feels the energy of the new baby coming and is extra clingy/fussy?<br><br>
I am really trying to just "be there" for her and console her and let her fuss and cry - but she doesn't seem to want me to hold her - she fights me and wants to get down and pushes me away - and all this is really taking its toll on me...<br><br>
I am really hoping for some of you to say - "yes - my dc went through that at that age and it will pass soon"<br><br>
Any other ideas of things to try or ways to deal with it and get through this (hopefully short) phase would be much appreciated...
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