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22 month old throws everything!!!!

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I don't know what to do about this. My ds (22 months) throws whatever he is holding. It started with dh teaching him how to throw his ball and play catch. Now he throws every toy, remote control, utensil, basically anything he can hold. Sometimes he does it when he's angry, but it is usually a game for him and not in anger.
I just can't think of a way to deal with this. I've put myself to his level and talked to him about not throwing in the house, but it doesn't help. I've taken whatever item he has chucked and reminded him about throwing in the house, but nothing changes. Any suggestions? I wouldn't mind it (he really loves to throw the ball and has quite the arm
) but he has hurt me and others, has knocked paintings off the wall, left dents and chipped paint on the walls and messed up blinds. It's become a real issue.
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DS is the same age and also loves to throw objects. I do allow him to throw balls (soft ones) in the house though, so I gently take the object that he is about to throw away and say, "we don't throw ...., that could give someone an owie, but we can throw balls. Do you want to find some balls to throw?" He usually does and doesn't seem to mind that he isn't allowed to throw forks across the kitchen table.
DS liked to throw things. A lot. Never his utensils, though. Just toys. Mostly just for play. So we only had soft toys for a long time. I think he was 3 before I gave him wooden blocks. And then if he did throw one, I packed them, put them up and didn't get them out for another few months.
. He's 4 now and still occasionally loses a hard toy for throwing it in the house.

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good to know I'm not alone

my 21 mos. old is practicing for the Big Leagues we're fairly certain... I mean, he zings stuff. We packed up all the hard, wooden toys/blocks/puzzles and at this rate it may be years before he gets them back

for now we just try to curb it where possible (my 5yo has learned to roll things to her bro) and when he does throw a toy we give him 2 chances, while explaining/showing how to use the toy, then if he still keeps it up we put it away...

not sure he quite "gets it" per se but we're all fairly prepared now when his arm rears back so we either duck and cover or try to snag it from him fast!

I'm just counting on him eventually growing out of it... fingers crossed!
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No real advice, just sympathy. My 22 month old ds is going through the throwing phase too. The hardest part is remembering that I have to stop throwing things myself. My preferred method of cleanup is throwing things into the appropriate bin, bucket or basket, but ds hasn't really grasped how that differs from throwing hot wheels at his father's head.
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